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Things you can do when you need motivation

Motivation is more like a soul, a central idea of creativity. It helps you to move forward, do something unimaginable in your field. It is what causes us to act, move, grow, feel involved, and more than that motivation is another name of happiness. Without it, our life is aimless, hopeless and if the same feeling of demotivation stays long and can even lead to depression. It is ok to struggle with motivation and believe me I understand how much energy it takes to refill again.

It is ok to not feel like doing anything because we all need breaks and get charged one way or the other. Even the most disciplined person in the world feels a lack of motivation sometimes cause we're all human. Don't forget about that.

The danger is letting the occasional feeling of laziness and procrastination define your whole personality. When we feel unworthy or not good enough just because we are having a creative block or don't feel any motivation that's when we can fall down into a rabbit hole. It can happen so quickly that you might not even realize it straight away.

You might also start making excuses for more than one thing on a daily basis, or you might start lying about the things you did not do just because you were not motivated. Always reflect on your daily habits and especially your daily thought patterns.

When you feel demotivated, try to get rid of it as quickly as possible. One way to do that is to count down from 5 (the 5-second rule) once the 5 seconds are over you start moving straight away, and begin a task, even if the task means only getting out of bed) I am going to pen down some of my personal favorite tips and practices that will help you to get more motivated again. When I say demotivated I don't mean depressed, always keep in mind there is a huge difference between a lack of motivation to do the dishes and having symptoms of depression. Either way, I hope my tips will help you. (From one mentally unstable person to another ;) )

Set the right goals:

Set the right goals. The right goals mean, think about what you want to achieve. And revisit why you want to do that. Always "start with why". Is it because your social self wants you to do that? Or your essential-self demands from you do that particular thing? If you only do something because you believe people expect it from you, then no wonder you aren't motivated! Quit that job, stop that task! It ain't for you. Instead, find something that sets your soul on fire that lights up your passion. If you set the right goals, you will get more motivated naturally. So, set the right goals. This will motivate you and help you achieve what you want.

See the big picture, but see small goals:

If you are not feeling like doing anything start with something small. You can make your bed, clean your desk. Or pay the electricity bills. You just need to get started. Tackle an easy task just to get that "feel-good boost" that motivates you to tackle bigger tasks.

Once you finish doing these small tasks, you will feel more satisfied, alerted, and ready to do the next thing. One goal at a time.


Unfortunately, most of us lack commitment. I love what I do and I am committed to posting on Instagram, Youtube, Tiktok, and and and and.... but on the other hand, it took me literally all day to sit down and start writing this blog. It is freaking nearly one 1 am and I am finally committed. I'm not proud, we all have these days. ANYWAY, I am still here at 1 am writing this blog... I could be watching Netflix right now....u know. That's some commitment right there. Please and thank you (to that one viewer that reads my blogs).

Commitment is one of the core ingredients of success in personal and professional life. You should commit to yourself and to doing a particular thing. It's much easier when you like doing that particular thing btw. Like, if you do not feel motivated to hit the gym or take a walk, remind yourself why you are doing this again, what it gives you. E.g "when I do yoga I will feel better about myself" (It all comes back to the why doesn't it) Or think of a way to reward yourself afterward e.g "I will take a bath after I wrote that blog at 1 am".

Once your in the zone tackle a tough task:

Yes, that's another tip to boost your self-confidence and motivation. If you conquer the toughest task of the day asap, it will ease your day-to-day worries. You will complete the remaining task easier, as you have already conquered the toughest one. Does it contradict the "start with a small task" part .. if you think so maybe. Everyone has a different way to get motivated some people feel a lot more motivated and freer once they have conquered a tough job. I think do your bed first, have a shower....well done I'm so proud of you can do that tough task. Good girl/boy/enby.

Do not compare:

Comparing yourself or your work with others actually slaughters your motivation. Do not compare yourself with others, focus on yourself and your results. And think about how you can improve them. Believe me, I just stalked some of the people in my niche on youtube and saw how successful they are whilst my views on Youtube are soooo bad. It felt horrible. Seriously don't compare yourself to others. They struggle too. Collab, don't compete. Feels a lot better. And now lemme practice what I preach...

Write down your success:

If you are feeling lazy, and this time is getting hard to get started, you should prepare a journal that is full of your achievements and success. You can start a new page every time you feel demotivated. Write with pen and paper not only because it feels much better than sitting on a computer and slowly getting a sore neck and back (not me at all..I am not complaining no) but also because it will anchor in your subconscious mind when you write it down...the traditional way. Write down all of your successes, not failures. And let's be honest: There are no failures. There are only lessons and achievements.

Watch and read your heroes:

It is one of the best tips you can use for yourself to charge up once again. Read about the people that inspire you, that motivate you, listen to them. And try to act like them. Because when we act the way we wanna feel we kinda become that. Try to recall, how many difficulties they have faced in their life to achieve that particular goal. But, do not try to compare yourself with them, let them inspire you to get started and achieve your goal. You got this I believe in you.

Find a reason.

YOU ARE...THE REASON... no but seriously tho: If you are feeling demotivated try to find a reason a motivation, try to remember why you started. Remember? It all starts with why...You can write those reasons on a card and tap them on your wall, computer, or bathroom mirror. It will remind you to get started. It is a lot easier to stay on track and get focused.

Be kind to your mind.

Remember nobodies perfect. We are all struggling, we all don't know what the f we're doing and we're all learning new lessons every day (unless we're stubborn as fuuh) I don't want you to burn out one day because you pressured yourself so much that one day you felt completely exhausted. Don't do that kiddo. Be kind to yourself. You're doing it right already. Every day you are doing it right a little more.

Love U,


Let me know your thoughts in the comment section or slide into my IG dms if you have any questions.



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