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Photo of Kathy with pink short hair and green eyes wearing a black top a smiling. She looks up the sky

Kathy Peters

known as Kathyinframe & Kreaty 


Packages to:

Kathy Peters

Postnummer: 1004188793

Packstation 160 40764 Langenfeld


Letters to:

Kathy Peters

Postfach 17 09

40742 Langenfeld


Date of birth: 21.02.1998

Height: 1,70m

Weight: 60kg

Eye color:  blue green

Hair color: dark brown

Measurements: 91-72-104

Based in: Leverkusen, NRW

Every face has a story - This one is Kathy's

From Trauma to Triumph - A Journey of Resilience and Inspiration

Kathy Peters' life story is about resilience, strength, and unwavering determination. From the depths of adversity to hope and inspiration.

The Trauma: Kathy's journey began with profound loss and hardship. From her parents' separation at a tender age to the tragic passing of her sister and enduring relentless bullying throughout her school years, Kathy faced a barrage of challenges that tested her spirit. Coupled with a tumultuous household and experiences of violence and harassment, Kathy's path seemed fraught with despair.

Despite doing well in school, the pressure to succeed made things even harder for Kathy. She fought to find her place in a world that seemed against her.

The Journey to Healing: Determined to find life in the darkness, Kathy started on a journey of self-discovery and healing. Kathy sought therapeutic support and eventually found herself on a path toward recovery. From walking the Camino de Santiago to exploring Bali and New Zealand, Kathy embraced every chance to grow and learn.

With unwavering determination, Kathy pursued her passions, immersing herself in the world of modeling, acting, and writing even though she faced rejection after rejection.  

Today: As a model, actress, and author who openly shares their story, Kathy hopes that by sharing her path to healing and self-discovery she might help and inspire others to get through theirs.


Through her words and actions, Kathy wants to empower others to embrace their truth and pursue their dreams, no matter the obstacles they have to face. Her journey is a reminder, that even in our darkest moments, there is hope for a brighter tomorrow, even when you only see darkness.

If you want to hear her own story through poetry check out her book here:

Or follow her path to recovery and growth on social media @Kathyinframe @Kreaty

Special Talents & Features

Kathy will provide you with a wide range of talents including singing, dancing, writing, acting, modeling and some acrobatics


2015 - 2018


  • KIKA "Let's Talk": Supporting Actress (Germany)

  • RTL "Blaulichreport": Supporting Actress (Germany)

  • Ihk Koblenz: "Auf der Suche nach deiner Superkraft" Print (Germany)


  • VOX "Club der Roten Bänder": Extra (Germany)

  • ZDF "Blockbustaz": Extra (Germany)

  • Music Video "Kids Mit Knarren - Ich hab geträumt": Supporting Actress (Germany)

  • Movie "Ich war noch niemals in New York" extra (Germany)


  • Short Film "Voices": Lead Actress (Germany)

  • RTL 2"Krass Schule die jungen Lehrer": Supporting Actress (Germany)

  • Film Academy, LGBT Short Film: Lead Role (Germany)

  • Music Video "Haters": Lead Actress / Dancer (Nz)

  • Short Film Auckland School of Design "Reset Me": Antagonist (Nz)



  • Short Film Adaptation "The Perks of Being a Wallflower": Lead Role as Sam (Nz)

  • Short Film "Only in My Mind": Lead Actress / Dance (Nz)

  • Feature Film "Rocky Road": Supporting Actress (Nz)

  • Series "Cold Case": Minor Role (Nz)

  • Series "Power Rangers" Extra &  dancer (Nz)


  • Direction, Production & Acting:

  • Short Film Harley Quinn Joker Adaptation (Nz)

  • Short Film "I Said No": Lead Actress (Nz)

  • Short Film "I am BPD": Lead Actress (Nz)

  • Short Film "Breathe": Lead Actress (Nz)


  • Music Video "By Your Side": Lead Actor (Nz)

  • Music Video "Powerwolf Show": Extra (Germany)

  • Commercial for Jägermeister (New Zealand)


  • RTL 2 "Klink am Südring": Supporting Actress (Germany)

  • RTL 2"Köln 50667": Supporting Actress (Germany)

  • ARD"Unsere besten Jahre": Extra (Germany)

  • "Sterben lernen": Extra (Germany)

  • Technician KK: Extra (Germany)

  • Commercial for Pjur (Germany)

  • Commercial for DHL (Germany)

  • Commercial for Sedus (Germany)

  • VOX "Das perfekte Dinner" (Germany)



  • RTL "Köln 50667": Extra (Germany)

  • ARD Double for Tahnee Comedy saves the world (Germany)

  • Disney+"Habibi Baba Boom": Extra (Germany)

  • RTL "Lebenslänglich Erlenmann": Supporting Actress (Germany)

  • Commercial Erwin Müller (Germany)

  • WDR Westpol: Supporting Actress (Germany)

  • RTL "Köln 50667": Supporting Actress (Germany)

  • RTL Xtra: Supporting Actress (Germany)

  • Vox "Verklag mich doch": Supporting Actress (Germany)

  • Moderator CSD Fritzlar (Germany)

  • SWR "Sag die Wahrheit" (Germany)

  • Speaker at Medientage München (Germany)

  • Disney+ "Pauline" extra


  • Pro7 "Wer isses?" (Germany)

  • RTL "Barbara Salesch": Lead Actress (Germany)

  • ZDF"Heute Show": Supporting Actress (Germany)

  • QVC Model (Germany)

  • Netflix "how to sell drugs online fast" extra (Germany)

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