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Photo of Kathy with short hair and green eyes, wearing a black coat. She is a german actress, model and content creator. Kathy is nonbinary


Meet Kathy Peters, a confident and talented nonbinary model from Germany, with over a decade of modeling expertise. With a versatile skill set honed over years of experience, Kathy excels in modeling diverse styles and settings, showcasing strong expressions and impeccable posing skills.
From runway to commercial shoots and television appearances, Kathy's adaptability knows no bounds. With the ability to effortlessly transform looks and styles, Kathy is sought after for a range of modeling opportunities, including hair modeling and more.

Beyond her native Germany, Kathy has garnered international experience in Bali, Spain, and New Zealand, infusing her work with a unique and worldly perspective. As a short-haired nonbinary model, Kathy brings a refreshing and inclusive approach to the world of modeling, challenging traditional norms and redefining beauty standards.

Standing at 1.70m tall, and weighing 60kg, Kathy embodies authenticity in every frame. 
Kathy embraces her imperfections, proudly displaying her shoulder tattoo, short hair, and striking green eyes.

She's not your typical model—neither petite nor plus-size, but undeniably human. With scars, wrinkles, stretch marks, and belly fat, Kathy celebrates her flaws, radiating confidence and self-assurance.


In each photo, Kathy's strong expressions and impeccable posing talent shine through. Her ability to convey a range of emotions—from happiness to sadness, from vulnerability to confidence—makes her a standout choice for any project.If you're seeking authenticity and realness in your modeling campaign, look no further than Kathy Peters.


Embrace the beauty of imperfection and celebrate individuality with Kathy as your model."Experience the versatility and allure of Kathy Peters – a trailblazing model breaking barriers and captivating audiences worldwide.

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