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Photo of Kathy with short hair and green eyes, wearing a black coat. She is a german actress, model and content creator. Kathy is nonbinary


Experienced Actor

Looking for a standout talent in the German acting industry? Kathy Peters, a nonbinary actor who brings a unique blend of versatility, authenticity, and style to every role. With her distinctive short hair and androgynous flair, Kathy commands attention on screen, setting her apart in the competitive world of acting. Kathy Peters, is an experienced actor with over 10 years of acting experience. With their exceptional skills and dedication, Kathy brings characters to life, captivating audiences with their performance. Choose Kathy Peters for your next project and be surprised!

International experience

Kathyinframe has over 3 years of international experience. Fluent in both English and German, Kathy seamlessly transitions between languages, delivering performances with fluency.

With a diverse portfolio, Kathy has made her mark in shows like "Power Rangers" and "Cold Case,". Her involvement in New Zealand short films, including the self-produced "Girl Next Door," demonstrates her commitment to storytelling and creative expression.

German TV Shows & Series

In Kathy's journey in the German acting scene you can see she has graced the screens of several prominent German TV shows, including "Club der roten Bänder" on Vox, "die heute Show" on ZDF, and "Barbara Salesch das Strafgericht." Her appearances in these shows have earned her recognition for her captivating performances and ability to captivate audiences.

But Kathy's talents extend beyond television. She has also made her mark in the German film industry, in movies like "Ich war noch niemals in New York" and series such as "Habibi Baba Boom" and "Pauline." 

Passion & Talent

Unlock Kathy Peters' unparalleled talent and passion for acting! With her remarkable versatility, Kathy seamlessly embodies characters ranging from young to grown-up, female to male, and innocent to evil. Her performances are not just a profession; they are fueled by unwavering passion. Committed to growing and learning with every experience, Kathy infuses every role with authenticity and emotion.

When you choose Kathy Peters for your project, you're not just getting an actor:

You're getting a visionary who is redefining standards and breaking barriers in the German acting scene. 

Thank you for considering Kathy Peters for your acting needs.

If you're looking for a cologne-based actress with experience, flexibility, passion, and competitive rates:

Get in touch today to discuss your project and let her bring your vision to life.


Cologne, Germany

+4915678 105502

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