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Need a new face for your brand? Looking for a Content Creator to create your Content?
Or are you looking for a UGC Content Creator that provides regular Videos for you? Kathy's got your back.

Kreaty and Kathyinframe

Every thing you need to know


Social Media presence

With over 6 years of social media experience and a combined following of over 400k on all platforms, Kathy is dedicated to raising awareness about mental health and LGBTQ+ issues.

Kathy's content spans various mediums, including acting, modeling, voice acting, and live streaming on Twitch. On Twitch, Kathy offers soothing bedtime readings for all ages and engages with her audience in real-time.

Additionally, she creates short-form content on platforms like TikTok, IG Reels, and Shorts, covering a wide range of topics related to LGBTQ+ awareness and mental health advocacy.

Under the handle "Kathyinframe," Kathy's international account showcases her diverse content, while her German accounts under "Kreaty" cater to a German-speaking audience.

Whether you're seeking uplifting content, informative discussions, or entertaining storytelling, Kathy Peters delivers it with authenticity and passion.

Follow Kathy Peters today and join her in promoting positive change and awareness on social media.

Photo of Kathy with short hair and green eyes, wearing a black coat and smiling. She is a german actress, model and content creator. Kathy is nonbinary
Photo of Kathy with short black hair and green eyes, wearing a  coat and looking up the sky with a smile on her face. She is a german actress, model and content creator. Kathy is nonbinary


UGC Content Creation

In search of a UGC creator or brand ambassador for your online presence?


Kathy excels as a TikTok and Reels content creator, offering a fresh and engaging perspective that aligns perfectly with your brand.

With her exceptional ability to connect and inspire, Kathy crafts compelling content that resonates deeply with your target audience.


Whether she's weaving captivating stories, injecting humor, or delivering educational insights, her authentic approach captures the hearts of viewers, establishing her as a standout in the digital landscape.

Explore Kathy's unique content today and experience firsthand the power of her creativity.


With an impressive portfolio that includes collaborations with brands like Hateaid, Her, Ergo, Viamor, and many more, Kathy is ready to be the new face representing your brand.

Get in touch today.



Kathy Peters has garnered recognition and support through various scholarships and engagements:

  • Film und Medienstiftung NRW Scholarship: Awarded as a Web Video Creator, showcasing Kathy's talent in digital content creation.

  • Creator College NRW Scholarship 2022: Kathy had the chance to advance her skills and knowledge in content creation by learning from well-known Experts.

  • Media Lab Bayern Workation 2023: Kathy participated in the Media Lab Bayern Workation to learn more about journalism in social media.

  • TikTok Creator Council Germany 2023: Selected as a member of the TikTok Germany Creator Council, Kathy contributed to improving the platform for users and creators.

  • Media Days Munich Speaker: Kathy shared insights on combating Hate Speech online, commitment to social responsibility, and advocacy as a speaker at Media Days Munich 2023.



Kathy Peters is a versatile content creator with a talent for convincing audiences.


With top-tier equipment, in audio and camera, Kathy can switch between her home studio and outdoor settings, ensuring exceptional quality in every shot.

Kathy's skill set extends far beyond filming and recording. With a keen eye for detail and a flair for creativity, she expertly edits long and short-form content, bringing stories to life with seamless transitions and captivating visuals.


From creating compelling scripts to executing engaging concepts, Kathy's content resonates with audiences, leaving a lasting impact.

Whether you're seeking to inform, entertain, or persuade, Kathy Peters delivers.


Her ability to connect with viewers on a personal level sets her apart, making her the ideal choice for brands looking to make a meaningful impact in the digital realm.

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