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Activsm/ Speaker Services

Kathy has short black hair in this picture she holds up a lgbtq+ flag

LGBTQ+ Activism

Kathy Peters stands as a dedicated advocate for LGBTQ+ rights and equality.


Kathy works tirelessly to foster a more inclusive society through her impactful social media activism and active participation in events. She passionately fights against hate speech, and discrimination, and aims to raise awareness about the challenges confronting the LGBTQ+ community.

With Kathy's advocacy, your organization can drive positive change and pave the way towards a more equitable future.

Book Kathy to support your organization's LGBTQ+ initiatives and promote a culture of acceptance.

Speaker & Moderator

Looking for a dynamic speaker or moderator from Germany, particularly from Cologne NRW, with expertise in mental health or LGBTQ+ advocacy? Kathy Peters is your solution. An experienced speaker and activist, Kathy specializes in crucial societal issues such as LGBTQ+ activism and mental health awareness.

Kathy brings invaluable insights and a passionate voice to every event. She is deeply committed to combating hate speech discrimination and advocating for mental health awareness and LGBTQ+ rights. With a fervent dedication to driving positive change, Kathy has delivered impactful speeches and facilitated engaging discussions, leaving a lasting impression on audiences.

By selecting Kathy as your speaker or moderator, you're ensuring a dynamic and impactful presence at your event. Her passion and dedication will inspire your audience to champion positive change and embrace inclusivity.

Whether it's for conferences, meetings, or workshops, Kathy guarantees a memorable and meaningful experience. Convinced? Get in touch now! Still, have doubts? Feel free to reach out with any questions.

Looking for a similar but slightly different opportunity? Don't hesitate to contact us to explore your possibilities.

Kathy has short red hair and in this portrait she has her face hidden behind a tape saying "not good enough"

Mental Health Awareness

Kathy Peters is passionately committed to raising awareness about mental health and promoting self-love and acceptance.


Drawing from her own experiences through insightful talks and thought-provoking discussions, Kathy addresses crucial topics such as PTSD survivorship, overcoming depression, and navigating mental health challenges.


She works towards destigmatizing mental health issues, and advocates for the creation of supportive environments.

Book Kathy Peters to inspire and enlighten your audience, fostering a culture of mental well-being and resilience. With Kathy's expertise and personal insights, your event will leave a lasting impact on attendees, encouraging them to prioritize their mental health and seek support when needed.


Picture of nonbinary actress and model Kathy Peters with short blonde hair and trans women ally from Australia with lang black hair. Ally has lgbtq* colors on her skin, Kathy has trans colors painted on her skin

Pride Moderator creating LGBTQ+ Visibility

In 2022, Kathy Peters was a moderator at Pride in Fritzar, where she led crucial discussions on LGBTQ+ visibility and acceptance.


With a focus on combating queerphobia online, addressing trans hostility, and sharing personal experiences, Kathy fearlessly delved into the challenges faced by the LGBTQ+ community.

During the event, Kathy emphasized the importance of staying proud and unapologetic about one's identity, advocating for a culture of inclusivity and acceptance.


Her poignant insights and unwavering advocacy resonated deeply with attendees, inspiring them to embrace their true selves and celebrate their pride without reservation.

Book Kathy Peters for your next LGBTQ+ event and empower your audience with her impactful messages of resilience, pride, and acceptance.

Picture of tiktok  creator council creators 2023

TikTok Creator Council Member Driving Positive Change

With 33 esteemed content creators, Kathy Peters proudly served as a member of the TikTok Creator Council 2023.


This esteemed assembly convened with a shared mission: to enhance the app's user experience and foster a safer, more inclusive community for all.

During the council's deliberations, Kathy and the other creators addressed vital topics such as allyship, combatting discrimination, and refining community guidelines. Their collaborative efforts aimed to promote positivity, diversity, and respect within the TikTok community.

As a dedicated advocate for online safety and inclusivity, Kathy Peters leveraged her platform to make a meaningful change.


Book Kathy for your next event to inspire and empower your audience .

Photo of Kathy during Medien Tage Munich

Speaker at Medien Tage Munich: Taking  a Stand Against Online Hate Speech

At the  Medien Tage Munich, Kathy Peters emerged as a vocal advocate during the Start into Media event.


Addressing issues like hate speech online, polarization, and queerphobia, Kathy tackled the challenges faced by marginalized communities in digital spaces.

As an openly queer and trans* content creator, Kathy has unfortunately encountered a significant amount of online hate speech. Despite this adversity, she remains steadfast in her commitment to combatting bigotry and fostering inclusivity online.

Book Kathy Peters as a speaker for your next event to ignite meaningful discussions and inspire positive change in the digital realm. With her voice and unwavering dedication, Kathy empowers audiences to stand up against hate speech and embrace diversity.

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