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Being a nonbinary actor: Gender Identity & Acting

Portrait of nonbinary actress Kathyinframe, with short blonde hair covered in bodypaint that show the trans colors.
I have the trans flag always on my body

Gender Identity & Acting

🏳️‍⚧️ As a non-binary person, it is not easy to venture into the exciting yet challenging world of acting in Germany.

As a non-binary actor, one faces a series of unique hurdles and uncertainties that make the path into this industry a brave challenge.

Gender: Am I Visible?

The German film and television industry, like many others around the world, is shaped by strong gender norms.

The roles depicted in scripts are often strictly divided into men and women. As a non-binary person who sees themselves outside of this binary system, one may ask: Am I even visible in this world? Finding suitable roles that respect one's own identity is often difficult.

Discrimination: A Rocky Path

Discrimination is a sad companion in the lives of many non-binary individuals.

But also in the acting world: From the casting process to working on set, prejudices and unequal treatment can occur. It is frustrating to be discriminated against because of one's identity and not to be treated based on one's talent and abilities.

Classification: Which Box Do I Fit In?

In an industry where gender and identity are often clearly defined, it can be difficult to adapt.

Non-binary actors sometimes have difficulty describing themselves and their gender identity in a world that traditionally focuses on binary gender roles. This not only leads to an internal identity crisis but also to uncertainties about how to present oneself in the industry.

Lack of Representation: The Long Road to Visibility

The German film industry still has a long way to go.

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