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How to keep loving yourself when others don’t

So much famous self-improvement exhortation proposes that we should "figure out how to love ourselves." We all love to preach these words of wisdom, yet how precisely do we do it?

It's not all that straightforward, we frequently accept that we do adore ourselves, but then our activities and responses recommend something else. Loving yourself is fundamental to your self-improvement, to the satisfaction you always wanted...cause it all starts with self-love. Rather than attempting to simply convince yourself that you have a strong self-esteem, start practicing the self-love habits daily and see how it will effect you:

Care as much about yourself as you care for other people.

It sounds basic, yet considerable to care as much about yourself as you do for others, to be your own best friends. Many of us don't do this since we think we are being narrow-minded or that our own needs are not significant. HOWEVER, if you want to spread light you need to put your needs first - it makes you a much happier and therefore more likable person. It isn't narrow-minded to think and care about yourself.

Empathy for yourself implies indicating worry for your own emotions just as for other people. Treat yourself the manner in which you would treat your youngsters or your closest companion—with tenderness, concern, and mindfulness.

Practice appreciation and gratitude.

Appreciation is probably the easiest approach to focus on the positive qualities of yourself and in your life. Have a go at distinguishing 3 things you're thankful for when you get up each morning. Or start writing a gratitude book, in which you write down 5 things you are grateful for every evening before going to bed.

Record your victories.

A great way to improve your self-esteem is by writing down your achievements (of all shapes and sizes) every day. Put them somewhere visible where you can re-read them at whatever point you're feeling low. You can also write them together with positive affirmations on little sticky notes and paste them all around your house. Just remember to change the sticky notes and placements of them regularly so you keep recognizing and reading them.

Feel your emotions.

Our emotions are a necessary piece of what makes our identity special individuals. You can't be a true individual without recognizing and feeling the entirety of your emotions. Try not to avoid awkward sentiments like displeasure, anger, sadness, and bitterness. When you deny them, they don't go away..they just get hidden somewhere deep down in your subconscious mind where they keep nagging on you every single day. Allow yourself to feel, to cry, to get angry...

Make clear boundaries with yourself and others.

Make a clear list of your needs and a list of things that trigger you. What can you not accept from others, where do you need to cross the line? Where do need to practice saying "no" or "I don't appreciate it when you talk to me like that"?

Boundaries are a very important part of a healthy friendship or relationship. We all know that one friend that somehow always makes us feel bad about ourselves. Are they really a friend? Or just an energy vampire? Talk to them and explain what hurts you and what triggers you. If they don't change, cut them off if necessary. If you want to learn to love yourself there is no longer space for people that don't support you as a whole anymore.

Expect and accept that some people won't care about you.

It's hard to believe, but it's true, most people don't care about you and that is O.K. Try not to burn through your time attempting to please individuals who are difficult to please or individuals who simply aren't that essential to you. If someone doesn't give an F- about you...why should you? Only care about the ones that matter. Place your F-s wisely.

Focus on play.

Put something fun on your plan each week. Try not to disregard it or drop it since you have an excessive amount of work to do or your best friend or partner needs assistance with their history report. Much the same as rest. Rest regularly and play regularly...Whatever that means to you. Try not to hold back on these significant needs.

Support yourself.

You are the one individual that you'll generally be with; the individual who will be there through various challenges; the individual who realizes you best. You are the person that you will spend the rest of your life with. So just like with the love of your life, be your biggest supporter.

Practice self-love no matter the circumstances. You deserve to love yourself, it's your birth right, even when no one else loves you.....especially when no one else loves you.

Let me know your thoughts in the comment section or slide into my IG DMs if you have any questions.



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