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Why the Most Successful Modeling Careers Have Always Been Bumpy in the Beginning

Per Aspera ad Astra! (Through hardships to the stars!) this phrase most fully describes the most successful careers in modeling. When you look at legendary world-famous top models you only see beautiful successful people who live the most luxurious lifestyles, but do you know what they have in common? They all had to go through unimaginable heat tempering before they became those idols.

On the other side, you may notice from time to time pretty faces that look at you from every billboard and cover and then they just slip into oblivion and nobody remembers their names. Ask every successful model and she will tell you how many walls she had to climb on the way to success. Ask any model that remained forgotten and she will complain that her career started so nice and she has no idea when it all went wrong.

Of course, there are exceptions to any rule, but it is quite common in modeling that the most successful careers are usually very bumpy in the beginning.


It is all about attitude:

Let`s try to see the whole picture. There is a thing that is common for all successful people no matter what their careers are about. It is the positive perception of failures. Failure is a significant part of your ladder to success.

Generally, people can be divided into two categories: those, who take failures as a tragedy and those who see them as an opportunity to improve. For example, a school basketball coach said that little Michael Jordan has no talent for sports at all. And Albert Einstein was once sent home from school with a note saying: “Your son is an imbecile!” One common thing about unsuccessful people is that they are quitters. The first success inspires them and boosts up their ego but the smallest spike of failure makes it explode and disappear without a trace like a soap bubble. But not successful people:


They came. They failed. They conquered


But anyway, let`s go back to modeling. After all, this profession is all about self-esteem and attitude. I started my modeling career when I was 15 and I knew from the very beginning that it wouldn`t be all about rainbows and butterflies. I had to face the roughness of this business from the very beginning. I had to struggle with stereotypes and labels that inevitably lead to inappropriate behavior and prejudice towards models, with harassment and even bullying.

Usually, after that said, there comes a phrase that now I am a top-model with contracts from leading fashion brands. But yeah actually, no. After years of experience and working with the most amazing photographers and stylists from different countries, I still cannot live from modeling, and rarely ever get paid for my work. But I am sure that success is just right behind the corner. I know it simply because I won't give up, I won't quit until I'll succeed.

The world's big modeling icon Sindy Crawford was rejected million times because of “that ugly mole” on her upper lip. Agents told her that they will not even look at her portfolio until she removes “that thing”. That mole eventually became her distinguishing trademark.

Children were bullying Winnie Harlow at school because of her rare skin condition and now everybody knows her face and leading beauty brands offer her contracts.

Just several years ago you would be body-shamed in the industry for being "overweight". Nowadays plus-sized models are a powerful community of successful professionals. What is common about those girls?

They all believed in their dreams and followed their star neglecting all obstacles on the way. And in case of critics was severe, they look at them as a direction sign. It has never been an “exit” sign for them. The saying about lemons and lemonade might seem quite trivial but is a perfect instruction for building a successful career.

The road to modeling lies right between heading success and frustrating disappointment. This is a road with narrow shoulders and you should make sure not to bump into either of them. 

So if you want to be a model, I am telling you you can! No matter your size, no matter your height, no matter your skin tone, no matter your "flaws", you can do it! All you need is to not give up...even when it gets bumpy.

I see you on the others side.



Let me know your thoughts in the comment section or slide into my IG dms if you have any questions.



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