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The path to becoming a successful freelance model can be challenging

The path to becoming a successful freelance model can be a challenging one; in fact, it is an arduous journey to start. However, do not despair because the feat of becoming a successful model is achievable if you start early and set your priorities right. This quick guide is poised at helping young models who desire to become successful with all they need to excel in their ventures.

Admittedly, your aspiration as a model can be a success with hard work, dedication in yourself, healthcare, your networking, and great background chaperones. However, it is imperative that you know and have what it takes to start, manage, and grow your social presence before venturing into it.

When I talk to people and tell them I do modeling I often get a very surprised look. "What? You model???" I am used to it by now...However, many people also start opening up to me after and tell me that they secretly always wanted to be a model, but they always believed they weren't pretty enough. My answer is pretty much always the same: "It is important to note that anyone can be a model no matter their height, body shape, skin color, or hair length. However, the honest truth is that some will have it harder than others."

How about we start from here, providing the tips of becoming a freelance model having known the struggles – that being a model is not an overnight success but will take years of extensive hard work if not decades to achieve a worthwhile professional career. Sorry to crush your dreams, but now that we have arrived in reality we can start actually working on achieving them... you ready? Ok, let's go.

The following tips can help you grow a successful career:

Before starting off, determine whether you have what it takes to succeed. Take an honest and realistic self-appraisal of your strengths and weaknesses. Note your capabilities too. Determine if you have the technical know-how and experience required to succeed as a model. Also, assess whether or not you have the financial requirement needed to book a photoshoot or start working with amateur photographers first and slowly build your portfolio up with tfp photoshoots. (Time for portfolio photoshoot in which both model and photographer volunteer to collaborate with each other for free as they believe their collab could enhance each other's portfolio.)

As a model, whether you are working for an agency or going freelance, you need to look after yourself to get spicy. Stick to a balanced and healthy diet, exercise regularly, and concentrate on building a killer wardrobe to take the look needed to make modeling a reality! Invest in your mental health and physical health too by considering starting meditation, yoga, dance classes, or other life-enhancing projects.

Diligently ask questions from veterans, do research, contact photographers, build your modeling portfolio and arrive at an honest conclusion about yourself. Once your findings are satisfactory, proceed to start networking - another massive step towards becoming a freelance model because you must be able to handle rejection gracefully. Social media presence is a crucial platform to expand your network. It is the heart of every career that is poised towards success, helping you reach more people and grow although you'll be faced with bias, you can't let that get in your way. To be honest, expanding your network requires much effort, openness. However, the results are worthwhile. Nevertheless, when networking with strangers on the internet always assure your safety! Not every person that claims to be a photographer on Instagram is a photographer.

As you expand your network, think of ways to display the highest level of professionalism in terms of conduct, attitudes, and qualities that mark a true professional. To stand out and reach the threshold of becoming a successful freelance model, you need to display all that with a great sense of humor. Be kind to people and grateful, a little love goes a long way.

An overall application of these tips in becoming a successful model is not an easy feat to accomplish. However, it is not impossible to achieve. Good luck!

Let me know your thoughts in the comment section below or if you have any questions slide in my Insta Dms.

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