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I'm in love with a toxic boy (A poem)

And his deep black eyes,

Open wide staring at mine.

I kinda fell in shock, my dear,

A boy so fragile, full of fear.

"It's okay", he said: "I'm fine."

So much beauty,

Way more pain.

I wonder,

How can beauty,

Look so sad?

But even more:

Why the FUCK do I want you sooo bad?

It's been a rough couple weeks,

Maybe years.

"Life's a bumpy road", they say,

But I don't even know how to drive.

But YOU,

You shook me awake

Woke me up like sleeping beauty,

Made me feel alive,

Like nothing ever could.

The rain is clashing through the window,

The sound is buzzing in my ears.

BABY, BABY, I'm awake.

My eyes are filled with broken tears.

Feeling more than I can take.

I'm staring at those fat grey clouds,

I'm here, you're gone.

I'm crying in my pillowcase,

While long ago you have moved on.

There's nothing more for me to chase.

Only picture-perfect memories that I need to erase.


What if,

What if we will meet again?

You, me, one re-union.

Rebuilding our empire.

What if,

It was ACTUALLY meant to be?

What if,

You and I is all I see?


I'm so scared,

My toxic lover,

Is he gone?

I'm not ready to move on.

Can't just pass it to the next one.

He was the one.

He was the one.

Maybe will never feel like this again,

What is there to learn from all this pain?

- Just another broken heart

Let me know your thoughts in the comment section or slide into my IG dms if you have any questions.



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