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"A rose can never be a sunflower, and a sunflower can never be a rose. All flowers are beautiful in their own way, and that's like women too. I want to encourage women to embrace their own uniqueness." — Miranda Kerr

One of the Modeling industry's major problems is the ability to prove oneself always and receive criticisms as this process is repeated. To really stand out, one must believe in oneself and accept one's weaknesses as a strength and embrace their uniqueness. 

To some people, modeling means snapping different kinds of pictures showcasing their beauty and posting them on Instagram, snap chat, etc. They might be right, but modeling is much more than that. Still, some people like me see modeling as a means to show the world how much we have to offer, to invent ourselves in all different kinds of ways, and to inspire others to do the same. Modeling isn't simply just beauty, modeling is art.

While you help people mentally and bring joy to their hearts, isn't it humane to also make money to encourage these acts? But making money as a model tends to be a problematic thing probably that's why a lot of models do it as a side job. But I'm telling you, you can make a lot of money and grow your popularity as a model. The following tips will help you make your dreams come true and live your life to the fullest as a successful model.

But I am already gonna tell you it's not gonna be easy, but if this is a path you want to take on to it will be worth it.


Do you look different? You may use character modeling to make earn as a model. Unique physical characteristics, like people with several tattoos or piercings, are usually favored for character modeling. Quirky faces are also perfect for this form of modeling regardless of your weight. There are no restrictions on height or weight, and the more unique your look is, the more work you can get. Far from being a standard for every race, age, size, and height, the competition is fierce.

If you are New Zealand based, NZ Models & Talent has a portfolio of several famous names, one of the most popular character modeling agencies in New Zealand. You should call this organization to see what you think if you are ready to take action.


Designer Mark Fast sent his Show's catwalk to London Fashion Week in February 2010, with more plus-size models. The Show was not about the clothes but about the models themself. With many years of the model industry being criticized for its very extreme beauty standards, they slowly have realized too that EVERY BODY is beautiful. Therefore, the demand for plus-size models is rising.

The minimum height between 5'7 "and 5'9" for women is highly desirable, as with standard modeling agencies. The size of the dress typically is 12 or 14, with some agencies more than 14.

As a model – plus-size-you can make money if you're shaped also, having a big nose, healthy hair, and a trustworthy personality is a plus. It's not enough just to be tall.


Can you make money as a model if you're in your 80s? Yes, you can! Yes, you can! Even if you are silver-haired, you can still model, especially for catalogs. Indeed, old models for print and broadcast media are now increasingly in demand as the country ages. In their younger days, some adult models were once models, but not all. The age range can be between the middle and the elderly.


Instagram offers a lot of opportunities for models to make money. Companies do pay influencers to get their products to be promoted or mentioned in a particular post on Instagram. They will also pay thousands of posts over several times for many posts that have been listed. It is quite obvious when that happens that the person is paid to speak about a certain product. You could even add a hashtag on a sponsor at the end of your post so that your audience is fully transparent. Instagram has even created a special tag for "branded content". You can make money by being an influencer helping to build a good reputation, and promote products on Instagram. You can also become an affiliate helping people to market and sell their products. Apart from that, you can sell poster photos, paintings, drawings, and other virtual products. There are many websites where influencers can make an account to get connected to brands, however many require a minimum number of around 10k followers. If you have fewer followers than that you could consider becoming a micro-influencer. In that case, you usually get free products instead of payment in exchange for a shoutout. Now that we are already talking about Instagram please consider helping me grow by following me on Insta:


If you have decided to try your luck in the model industry you need to ask yourself whether you want to be a freelance model or work with an agency. As a freelance model, you are completely responsible for your jobs and making connections. You can find your jobs through networks and casting websites. The advantage is that you don't have to pay anyone commission the disadvantage is that you work at your own risk and have to find your work yourself. A good model agency or agent will provide you with work and has great connections but also wants commission for connecting you to their clients.

Beware: If you decide to work as a freelance model always assure your safety and inform yourself about people offering you jobs as there are many fraudsters in the industry. If you choose to find an agency only sign up to a professional agency that doesn't ask you for money in advance. That is usually a red flag.

In conclusion, as a model, your attitude to work is very important; you have to work hard to become an outstanding model. You also have to believe in yourself; don't let anybody discourage you or make you think you couldn't make it somehow as a model. And finally, always keep going even in difficult times. "When life hits you with a brick, you keep moving on," and you will definitely attain your target goal. I believe in you. Much love.

Let me know your thoughts in the comment section or slide into my IG DMs if you have any questions.



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