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A lot of people believe all models enjoy a luxurious lifestyle. That they're introduced to fabulous events, get all kinds of free things, and earn a lot of money, but it's not all entertainment and fun.

It's hard to imagine how challenging it can be to be a model. To be dependent on your appearance, watched, judged, and even bullied. And what's even more shocking to know how many models suffer from assault and harassment.

I mean...the #metoo debate was created for a reason.

It has become so normal to sexualize and objective models that some people who work with them "professionally" forget or ignore when they cross a boundary. Many women regardless of their job struggle with being bullied, disrespected, or questioned in their competence just for the reason that they are good-looking.

Apart from that to many women, a female that makes a living of modeling is often seen as a threat. Given their reputation as representations of attractiveness, models ranked more miserable on indicators of satisfaction, psychological fulfillment, and sense of achievement. Moving countries as frequently as changing clothes, strutting catwalks, and posing for the camera left them feeling less content and more alone than their contemporaries performing everyday office work.

"Everyone wants to be a model until they see what the model industry really looks like."

Potential causes of depression:

The fashion industry is not the sole source of mental disorder of individuals employed in the industry, although I strongly agree that it plays a significant role. Depression and anxiety are often compounded by fast-paced economies, increased competition, and high demands. As a model, there are several expectations that we are supposed to meet-such as being regularly successful on social media, maintaining flawless skin, and gaining the correct weight.

Weight is a significant element in modeling, and over the years, the model industry has been blamed continuously for its beauty standards. There have been numerous movements with customers seeking greater authenticity for advertising models; this has opened up the market to a wider variety of body styles and it's slowly growing bigger and bigger.

If you had a background in modeling, you must be well informed of the dark side of beauty. If you work in the industry it's essential to reflect on your emotional wellbeing. There are many ways to improve your lifestyle to prevent mental health issues, some of them are now listed below.

Take a break from your smartphone:

One of the most straightforward things one could do to increase emotional well-being is devoting limited time to your mobile devices. Also, if it's only a few moments a day, take a little time away from social media platforms. Your cell phone may be an essential aspect of your life, but you should not let it take over your life. It can help a lot to just turn it off for a bit of time.

Practice yoga regularly:

Researchers think that yoga increases the standard of healthcare and mental wellbeing. Yoga can help to connect the body and soul. You can find many videos on Youtube to learn all levels of yoga. Many women integrate yoga into their fitness routines not just because it makes them fitter but also because it helps them feel better.

Check out reflecting on one year of Yoga here:

There is a clear correlation between yoga and mental health. To become more specific, the exercise of mind and body has many beneficial impacts. Some claim it's as good as therapy. Simply relaxing your muscles and aligning your stance will rebalance the nervous system and decrease chronic stress. Yoga deals with relieving posttraumatic stress disorder anxiety and depression.

Feel your emotions:

Most people of public are accustomed to hiding their emotions. They're doing this because it's easier to believe that everything's all right than to admit that they're having problems and face them. It's never healthy to dismiss and denial your own emotions.

You're supposed to make yourself experience feelings. If you feel like weeping, go ahead. There's nothing to be afraid of. Feel your emotions. All emotions are valid. We all struggle and feel sad every once and a while. It's okay. If what you are feeling however is less than a sadness that you experience once in a while and more of a chronic depression, I highly suggest thinking about starting some sort of therapy or life coaching.

Check out my video on reflecting on one year of meditation here:

Question your relationship to food and fitness:

As already said as a model your appearance is always the main focus of your everyday life. Therefore many models struggle with eating disorders or addiction to fitness. Reflect on your relationships with food and don't fear to seek help if you feel like you can't control your eating and fitness habits not longer or feel like these topics completely control your whole life.

Constantly work on your self-esteem:

As a model, you hear a lot of criticism. People told me I am too alternative, too fat or not beautiful enough. We are all very sensitive to the things we hear. To protect ourselves from personal attacks on our looks it is important to practice self-love every single day. You are beautiful, you are worthy, you are loved, you are good enough.

Search for talents outward of your appearance:

Focus on something you do very well and passionately that is completely unrelated to your looks. Go inwards and think about what makes you really you. Who are you if you look inside not in the mirror? What do you see? What do you do better than most people? What do that you are very proud of? Work on your self-love from within.


I hope this blog helped you see that modeling is not for everyone and that it is indeed everything but easy. You have to do many things to maintain healthy self-esteem and general well-being. If you are a model yourself I hope this information has helped you to see that you are not alone on your journey and that the most important thing for you is to ensure you are healthy in your lifestyle.

I am not demonizing modeling. There are many things I love about the job. I love expressing myself and working with many different and talented artists from all around the world and I love traveling. Modeling also taught me how photoshop really works and that really anyone can be a model. It's not an easy job but when you maintain a healthy lifestyle it can be inspiring and even empowering.

Let me know your thoughts in the comment section or slide into my IG dms if you have any questions.



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