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I introduce myself to YouTube - Kathyinframe tryna be fame

Updated: Apr 7, 2021

Hey, I am Kathy Peters I am 20 years old and I am from Dusseldorf, Germany. I barely finished high school and I want to become a YouTube star. And yeah I don't really know what I am doing. So please subscribe to my channel and uhm please leave a like.

That's more or less what I am saying in my German introduction, and you know stuff that I considered as important such as a high school degree in language and literature, a few years of acting experience ( or shall I say EXTRA experience ;) ) and you know modeling, writing, dancing and that kind of artsy stuff.

So yeah I think I am a special snowflake and apart from my 'different' look I am saying that I am good at what I am doing so please just be naive enough to believe that and you know... book me for your next blockbuster.

Assuming that anyone would A, believe me, B watch me and C actually understand me - cause you to know not everyone on this planet actually understands...German.

Well and surely someone is going to watch this crappy video in weird language and think "I want to make this girl famous."

Sorry this is not a fairy tale story

Oh and of course I am fluent in English, that's why this video is in eh German.

I am also working on a book and I am going to travel because that's what people that consider themselves as special snowflakes do.

However, because I am German as it can be I have already planned out my whole life, including where I am going to live after my year abroad and what I am definitely going to study - Word.

( Well, writing this more than a year later I have to admit that I am not studying acting in Hamburg as predicted, but indeed still in New Zealand trying to figure my life out. )

So yeah please support me, because this is my passion and everything...

Like, subscribe and do whatever people do that uhm do that.

To be fair, I think I am being a bit too harsh on myself. In a way, I want to go past self and say: You know what you might not know shit about life (Just like your future you) and you might talk a lot of rubbish but I appreciate that you're trying. With the years your words will become less and less rubbish and maybe one day even - valuable.

So let me tell you one thing: "UNLESS a lot of people you're trying, you're out there, you're not giving a fuck and I appreciate that.

THIS will get you somewhere. - Sorry my darling I cannot schedule it all for you, but things will go the right way eventually. What does that mean precisely? I don't know. But I do know this is special. You are not a special snowflake because you are talented. Get over it. A lot of people are talented but you try and that makes you special.

I am proud of you baby girl.

Keep going.

You might be doing a lot of mistakes, you might be doing many things wrong - BUT you are doing it right. Oh, and you shaved your head. Damn that was pretty brave."


Go one give yourself some appreciation."

- Kathy Peters 2019 (Young as fuck, doesn't know shit)

"I definitely still have to learn quite a lot about cutting, but here we go. Me Kathyinframe tries to make a short video to show me, my natural gestures, facial expressions and my no-make-up face. The next video will be an acting video in English and German and I'm looking forward to releasing it next month. I'm always happy to work with other directors, filmmakers, etc. to do some unique work, so go ahead and write me if you would like to work with me. I also appreciate feedback and recommendations, the good ones for my ego the bad ones for the learning. Namaste Kathyinframe ♡

- Kathy Peters 2018 (Young as fuck, believes she knows shit)


Let me know your thoughts in the comment section or slide into my IG dms if you have any questions.



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